When Fatigue Continues to Outrun Recovery, What Are the Results?

Muscle fatigue can prevent you from carrying out regular, daily tasks. Know the signs and symptoms of muscle fatigue to find the best methods of preventing lasting pain and weakness.

What Is Muscle Fatigue, and What Causes it?

Muscle fatigue occurs when a muscle loses its capacity to perform regular action or continued action and fails to work properly. This tiredness decreases the power behind regular muscular movements and results in muscle weakness. Symptoms that often accompany muscle fatigue include sore muscles, muscle twitching and cramps, and shortness of breath. If these symptoms worsen, medical intervention may be necessary. There are many possible causes of muscle fatigue ranging from age to disease to lifestyle. A nutrient deficiency can cause the muscle to lack the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to adequately perform certain tasks. High acidity levels due to overproduced lactate in the muscles can lead to pain and muscle spasms. Warming up improperly for exercise can lead to soreness and fatigue. Knowing the signs and symptoms of muscle fatigue can help you to target the cause of muscle weakness and find the best plan of correction.

How Can You Recover From Muscle Fatigue?

Getting adequate rest and taking time to warm up and cool down during exercise are just a few ways to help prevent and recover from muscle fatigue. Sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours a night gives the muscles time to repair themselves while you rest. Stretching the muscles before and after working out promotes flexibility and helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

How Can The Well Theory Help?

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