Healthy Strategies For Boosting Your Immune System

Healthy Strategies For Boosting Your Immune System


during these times, we have to maintain our bodies and keep them strong

Now more than ever, it’s important to strengthen your personal immune system. Empower yourself to help fight off viruses and to keep your body healthy and protected. All of us at Well Theory are here to help.

Reduce Stress to Help Reduce Inflammation

The name of the game is to keep your stress under control so you can reduce your body’s inflammatory response.  Inflammation is thought to be one of the leading causes of many different types of chronic conditions and diseases.

Inflammation is a necessary part of healing, but if left unregulated it can become damaging.

Give Your Body The Nutrients It Needs

Ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to fight off illness. The human immune system is complex and amazing; it requires many co-factors, minerals and nutrients to function well.  You should be getting many of these nutrients from your diet but if that is not the case, supplementation is going to be critical.

Take an Immune System Boosting Multivitamin

Immune system support multivitamin supplement

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Meredith Warner formulated this multivitamin complex with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hemp to improve the health of your immune system and to promote optimal tissue healing. We use high-quality, key ingredients to keep you feeling your best from the inside out:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Powder
    (80 mg (Cannabinoids 3-6%))

    helps lower chronic inflammation, provides fatty acids and also helps optimize the immune system and immune response.


  • Magnesium Oxide
    (300 mg)

    alleviates muscle cramps, bone pain, and symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as boosting nerve function and promoting better rest. Magnesium is a critical cation co-factor for many functions of immunity. 


  • Vitamin C
    (1000 MG)

    is a powerhouse ingredient for boosting immunity and improving tissue repair and healing.  Vitamin C is not made in the body but is critical to the energy production of cells, the vascular response to infection and the protection of immune cells from damaging free-radicals.


  • Zinc Gluconate
    (360 MG)

    improves cell health and development and aids in the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. It is involved in the complex signaling pathways of immune cells.


  • Vitamin D3
    (75 mcg (3000 IU))

    helps the body to absorb calcium and strengthens bones; it also modulates the immune response systems.  D receptors are present on immune cells and immune cells synthesize Vitamin D for their proper function. 


  • Calcium Citrate
    (1200 mg)

    promotes stronger bones and encourages healthy nerve function by balancing blood and calcium levels.  It is a critical messenger for immune cell function. Calcium signalling controls growth, differentiation and functionality of immune cells. 

Immunity Boosting Hemp Multivitamin

  • Designed to Boost Your Immune System Naturally
  • Vitamin C, Zinc, D and Hemp for Immune System Support
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Manage Stress & Depression

“I don’t like taking a lot of medications, and then also I’m allergic to a lot of medications, so the Well Theory multivitamin kind of seemed to be a good fit for me,” said Leigh Davis, a patient.

Leigh says, “I feel better.”

"I don't like taking a lot of this kind of seemed like a good fit for me...I feel a difference in my chronic inflammation."

Leigh Davis, Well Theory Customer

Get Active to Improve Your Mood

Stay on top of physical activity and overall wellness from the comfort of your own home! From arm exercises to yoga and cardio, there are plenty of ways to incorporate low and moderate intensity workouts into your day. Just 30 minutes of activity can go a long way in boosting your mood and your strength.

Here are 10 exercises that we’ve shared to improve your home workout.

Don’t forget the benefits of sunshine! Go for a walk, soak up some sun, and enjoy some fresh air, and exercise. Follow this up with a hobby at home and plenty of rest.

I tell my patients to just do a little bit at a time. Any movement is good for you.

Meredith Warner, MD

“Just take baby steps to make your life a little bit better, and at the tail end, you’re gonna’ have a happier, more vibrant, and functional life – and maybe even a few extra years.”

Manage Stress to Keep Your Mind & Body at Their Best

A healthy mind and body can be cultivated with exercise and by nourishing the body. Pair our Immunity Boosting Multivitamin Complex with our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture, designed to provide you with the full benefits of hemp-derived CBD for stress reduction, improved joint health, and inflammation reduction.

Looking for healthy recipes to aid in strengthening your immune system? Make sure to check out The Herbal Kitchen for balanced nutrition backed by science.

From all of us at Well Theory – stay healthy, stay positive, and do something today that you enjoy for a life lived well.

Immunity Boosting Hemp Multivitamin

  • Designed to Boost Your Immune System Naturally
  • Vitamin C, Zinc, D and Hemp for Immune System Support
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Manage Stress & Depression

A Life Lived Well


Beyond the medicines formulated for pain relief and overall wellness, Well Theory provides you with sources to craft a happy, balanced lifestyle. From a cooking show centered around healthy recipes to informative blogs and notes from Dr. Warner herself, Well Theory helps you take control of your life so that you can age vibrantly, alleviate pain naturally, and live well.

Dr. Warner believes that small steps can make a huge difference in how you live.